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Welcome to Andrew C. Thomas Architect LLC, where we accept your house is something beyond walls and a rooftop; it’s an expansion of yourself, a reflection of your fantasies and goals. We are a dedicated group of residential architects enthusiastic about creating modern residential building designs that are aesthetically satisfying as well as functional, feasible, and interestingly custom fitted to your singular needs and lifestyle.

Why Choose Andrew C. Thomas Architect LLC?

Experience & Expertise

With long stretches of involvement with modern residential architecture, Andrew C. Thomas and his group have the information and ability to rejuvenate your vision. We have a demonstrated history of fruitful tasks, going from beguiling houses to lavish domains.

Sustainable Design

We are focused on making homes that are wonderful as well as environmentally responsible. We consolidate reasonable practices like energy-productive materials, normal lighting, and water preservation techniques into our plans.

Seamless Project Management

We remove the pressure from building your dream home by dealing with the whole task beginning to end. We team up with confided in project workers, engineers, and different experts to guarantee a smooth and effective development process.

Collaborative Approach

We, being the best residential architects in Oklahoma, put stock in serious areas of strength for building with our clients, fostering open correspondence, and effectively listening to your ideas and concerns. We involve you all through the whole plan process, ensuring your fantasy home adjusts flawlessly with your desires and budget.

Attention to Detail

Our best residential architects at Andrew C. Thomas Architect LLC comprehend that everything about, and we give meticulous consideration to each aspect of your home, from the general design to the selection of finishes. We guarantee that your house isn’t just esthetically satisfying yet additionally functional and built to last.

Explore Our Residential Architecture Services!

Here, we have mentioned and explained our services that will help you know us better.

New Home Design
Do you have a particular vision as a primary concern or need assistance exploring the potential outcomes? Our team is here to direct you through the whole design process, from calculated representations to nitty gritty construction drawings.
Renovations & Additions
Reinvigorate your current home with a painstakingly arranged remodel or expansion. We can assist you with boosting your space, further develop usefulness, and upgrade the general tasteful of your home.
Historic Renovations
We have broad experience working with historic homes, guaranteeing that redesigns regard the first person while integrating present day conveniences for open to residing.
Sustainable Design Consulting
We can assist you with integrating economical practices into your home, no matter what the size or extent of your venture.

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