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Complete architectural services begin with a consultation with the client to evaluate the needs of the client and how best to facilitate the design, construction, and use of the finished project.  This is followed by schematic design, preliminary design, cost estimation, construction documents, construction management, punch-list, and occupancy.  The set of drawings typically consists of everything necessary to bid and build the project, with engineers', surveyors', and consultants' drawings developed and integrated into the set by the architect. Costs for these services are typically set as a percentage of the total cost of construction, usually 6% to 15%. 

Obviously not all projects require all phases of services from an architect.  In fact today's construction methods and fast-track processes are requiring architects, clients, and contractors to work very closely together to
develop drawings and provide cost feedback quickly before building while also preparing the construction documents as construction commences.  Costs for these services are typically based on an hourly rate, usually based on size and scope of the project. 

Many residential projects require a only minimum set of drawings to help the client visualize their project and allow a contractor to develop a construction cost estimate and budget.  These smaller sets of drawings typically contain the floor plans, elevations, sections, site plan, electrical and lighting plans, door and windows schedules, and a roof plan.  Other drawings may be included if necessary or if requested by the client and or contractor.  Typically these sets contain everything necessary to obtain a building permit.  Costs for builder's sets are based on price per square foot of structural space,(i.e. including everything under roof including garages, porches, etc.) .

I have several plan sets available for immediate purchase on my eShop page.  Simply review the plans and renderings and if you see one you like please contact me to discuss purchase and license procedures.  Cu
stom design work is available at my hourly rate.  Please inquire as to your specific needs.

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